Having enough police matters.

To ensure that Portland communities are protected, and our neighborhoods are properly served, the Portland City Council must put more officers into the city’s budget.

Recently, Mayor Hales and the rest of City Council announced that our city is expecting $50 million in additional revenue for 2015-2016. Mayor Hales also said there is a need to invest in basic services.

We can all agree one of the most basic services for any city is public safety.

Together, the City and the Portland Police Bureau have set priorities:

  • Compliance with the US Department of Justice settlement
  • Ensuring a robust response to mental health calls.
  • Community policing
  • esponding to the large upswing in gang violence

Portland Police staffing levels are dangerously low. We need more police so that we can address our city’s basic public safety priorities.

Some simple facts:

While Portland’s population has GROWN by 10% since 2001, staffing and proactive policing are DOWN 10%. In other words, while the city is growing, our police bureau is getting smaller.

Although Portland has been recognized as one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., our police bureau has not grown to keep pace with our expanding population. Having enough police matters, and our staffing level is dangerously low compared to many other major cities.

Right now we have only 1.5 officers for every 1000 Portland residents, making it increasingly difficult to provide the level of service our city deserves. Our increasing population has yielded a rise in dispatched calls, yet a decrease in the overall number of officers available to respond.

We know that the best way to protect our city is by officers actively engaging with the communities they serve. Reduced staffing means it’s much more difficult for officers to do community policing and build trust in our neighborhoods.

  • Having enough police matters for for communities dealing with issues related to gangs, drugs, and theft.
  • Having enough police matters to individuals seeking assistance, to ensure there are enough officers to take their call quickly.
  • Having enough police matters to Portland businesses who need to feel safe as they expand their operations!
  • To ensure a safer Portland we must put more officers on the streets, engaging regularly with the communities they serve. Tell Mayor Hales and City Council that having enough police matters.

sign the petition and tell portland city council that having enough police matters.