Contact Mayor Charlie Hales and the Portland City Council TODAY and ask them to put more police officers into the city’s budget.

Portland has been one of America’s most livable cities for generations. Public safety plays a key role in making any city a place people want to live. But right now our city’s public safety is at risk due to dangerously low staffing levels for Portland Police.

Each day, almost every shift in every precinct is hiring officers to work overtime in an effort to reach the required minimum staff level. This means that many already overworked and understaffed officers are trying to fill these vacant positions. Community policing and community engagement has become even more difficult, as patrol officers and detectives work to manage the load.

Inadequate staffing means that officers can’t fulfill their mission proactively and serve the city the way it deserves.

Our community should have a police bureau that can take calls for service, investigate crimes, confront gang violence, and constructively engage the public. Even with the city’s recommended addition of five (5) new officers, we can’t begin to make up for the staffing losses that are harming our city and eroding the police’s ability to do their jobs.

Take Action

The safety and well-being of Portland residents and our officers are in the hands of Mayor Hales and the City Council. Dangerously low staffing levels are real and they must be addressed by our leaders.  

Please sign the petition and tell Portland Mayor Charlie Hales and the rest of Portland City Council to increase police staffing levels to keep our community safe.